I’m standing in front of an older gentleman, listening to his story. His story of witnessing a gruesome murder. I’m watching his eyes move with his lips.

-perspective glides into his-
Through the brisk fog, in a suburban neighborhood filled with freshly cut grass and bare tree branches, he sees the 2 figures across the street. He stands on his empty driveway and observe.
Through a high wooden fence, he studies the bridge of a woman’s nose and eyes. Next to her, a man, much taller than her, but cannot see the features of his face.
Without a hint, the man forcefully grabs her face and violently penetrates her skull into the tip of the splinter hazardous fence.
-The frame freezes, zooms into her eyes, that are tightly clenched in between the mans fingers-
-Zooms out, quickly turns into the observers eyes; bloodshot, adrenaline-fueled and wide-

location: inside the woman’s…

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