Paradoxial Concept

Futures not achieved are only branches of the past: dead branches. – Italo Calvino Invisible Cities

 Think outside the box.

It can mean revealing the seminar of contradictions and sermons that constitutes conflict, within the subconscious and coherent mind.  It is because we, as individuals with an unknowable state of transcendence and asceticism living in a compressed, but growing universe are bewitched by a society of fools, jokers, innovators, and the damaged.  We have become a paradox that’s become entangled in repeating phrase after expression after repression, insofar leading to multiple revolutions, and then we become reborn again.

What are we without our land, without our country, without laws, without our people, without our homes?  Now ask, what constitutes land in the context of a country in the context of laws amongst people within our homes?

It’s everyday nuances, nuisances, and random moments that can enlighten us from the everyday coma.


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