turning forewords

I am more than this, you know? I am more than what I say I am. Like others including myself, I have been given a chance into discovering myself a little further.  I gathered the strength to turn around after “almost” falling off a cliff, or drive through the tunnel instead of away from it.  I have felt the wind take a hold of me like it loved me since I was born; it told me to hold on for a little longer.  Saying, she’s out there, and she’ll bare your children.  Your children will run through this field, where you remain in a contemplative
state , and they’ll never know how you felt here, but you can show them how to let go, and enjoy life’s greatest blessings.  You have experienced it for this purpose of “knowing.”  Don’t be naive, says myself, don’t think you’re just here without question and reason.  Don’t think you have to rid yourself because you think it’s better to let a soul escape.  Yes, it’s best to let go, but hold on and embrace the valuable moments you’ve yet to experience.  You’ve made it here, and you’ve made it with the help of others.  They deserve to see you happy for they’d want the same from you because you’ve helped them.  You’ve been gifted with the mind and body to experience, and the soul to grow and become revolutionary, in this world and for the universe to come.


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