whom I ought to be yesterday

the time once spent thinking about what I was going to be,

drained, and wrung itself into a thousand,


spreading diseased thoughts,


a competitive nature, ran it’s course,

and delve into the los angeles river,

along with the ideology that,

losers never win.

today isn’t going to be like that day,

today isn’t yesterday,

today is to be a day, unlike yesterday,

unlike ambition, there is no anxiety for success,

no risk,

nor rise,

nor fall,

a rainfall that’s certain to happen,

and a romance that’s certain an offspring,

letting nature run it’s course,

brought new identity to an already beautiful one,

the hope that we never change our view upon an old scenery,

depends on what we thought ourselves to be yesterday,

shall we grow,

shall we grow,

shall we?


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