An[other] Enlightened Year

1.3.13 3am It’s funny how I always wanted to start off an entry like I’m stealing from fiction. I keep telling myself: “start a blog.” And here I am trying to keep myself as mysterious as possible? It’s ironic to have to come to terms with an my vision, which is: least, what I would tell myself.. ” is that I’m human, and I want interaction, but I refuse to admit that I want it as bad as everyone else. I’ve convinced myself that I want it for myself, with my insecurities intact. ” The comfortable state of being myself slowly dwindled away at the thought of expressing myself by marketing myself by being self-driven yet living as the best self you can be sounds like every pre-written motto in every training video.

At any rate,

It’s been s u b l i m e .

I love it here. I could be further away from thi paranoia, the anxiety, the weariness, the agony, the struggle, of, fully, expressing, one, self.

What I’m trying to convey is my meaning behind my passion. I want to live a life holding close my perspective on life.  By all means, I will express myself freely, exercising my perspective, and focusing on every moving moment happening within my reach.


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