The Lonely and I

green walkway

The blue wave sounds corresponds like freeway traffic
let me revisit my self,
let me revisit my self,
reflections of the sky and the sky moved
towards my melting soul, in the ground uplifted
by the lavished movements made by memories of today.



Within a connection, within.
Everytime she blinks, I see it in my peripherals and I think she’s taking a glimpse of her man.  I’m hers, but right now the music playing is hers and I’m solely her vessel, the waveshaper manipulating the essence of an aural beginning, and present.
Everytime she turns her head, I want to relieve her mind for that fraction of a second and answer all the questions she’s ever had, or grasp that one meaning that’s she’s been looking to explain..hmm..what’s another meaning for a ‘connection within?’
Everytime she looks at me I feel my soul delineate and she leans in for a kiss.